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ME’s statutes are the internal regulations that apply to all of our members. ME’s association statutes were adopted at the latest at the ordinary AGM held on 8 May, 2015.

In compliance with the statutes, The association of Heavy Equipment Contractors have the task of utilising and promoting the common interests of members, such as contractors and employers in their relationship, both to the employees of the company and to those who influence the conditions of the companies.

The statutes include the purpose, organisation and membership  rules and what this means, such as the obligation to comply with ME's business ethics rules. You will also find information about membership entry and its scope.

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Uppdaterad den 6 oktober 2017

The association of Heavy Equipment Contractors

Maskinentreprenörerna (ME) - the association of Heavy Equipment Contractors - is the leading trade- and employers association for earth movers and contractors with heavy construction equipment in Sweden.

Ethics policy

The Ethics Policy of the Association of Heavy Equipment Contractors is intended to act as a source of guidance for our member companies and a source of reassurance for clients.