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Welcome as a member of ME!

Become a member in Maskinentreprenörerna (ME) - The association of Heavy Equipment Contractors!

The members of the association work within infrastructure, construction, environment, development, plant-hire, excavate, lift, load, transport, crush, etcetera.

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We offer a large number of member benefits. Some examples are free advice regarding the work environment and safety as well as in disputes and negotiations, favorable purchasing agreements and cheaper insurance.

Do you want to become a member of the The association of Heavy Equipment Contractors? 

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Criteria for membership

Membership in the Association of Heavy Equipment Contractors (ME) is open for Swedish and foreign earth movers, plant hire businesses and other enterprises that use construction equipment in their daily operations. Members of ME are also members of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the leading representative of businesses in Sweden.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – membership information.

To qualify for membership, the applying company must meet the following criteria:

  • The company has operations in Sweden within the areas where ME signs collective agreements, i.e. the earth moving industry in Sweden.
  • The company must have sound financial stability.
  • The company must have acceptable experience and awareness of running a sound operation within the earth moving industry.
  • Foreign-registered companies must have a branch in Sweden that are registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office and file tax returns in Sweden. The company must submit a copy of the certificate of registration showing the authorized signatory.
  • The company must be approved for F-tax in Sweden.
  • The company must be registered for VAT in Sweden, and is a registered employer and pays social security contributions in Sweden and/or in the country where the company’s registered office is located.
  • The company must submit a taxation form showing that the company does not have overdue taxes or charges to any public agencies.
  • The company must upon application submit correct information on the number of employees and their accumulated salaries and wages in Sweden last year.
  • The business must also present a valid insurance, equivalent to the standard on the Swedish market for operations within this area of work; machine-insurance, liability insurance and business insurance (litigation insurance).
  • The company undertakes to apply to ME’s collective agreements.
  • The company undertakes to follow the statutes of ME, the statutes of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and ME and ME’s ethics policy.

The application will be evaluated by the regional council and approved by the central council within ME.

All documentation must be submitted in English or Swedish.

Please note that, as a part of the collective agreement, employers are obliged to obtain insurance complying with the Swedish collective agreement. Your company must therefore take direct contact with Fora for hourly-paid workers and Collectum/Alecta for salaried employees.

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Read more about Collectum

Contact us if you have any questions

Our head office is located in Stockholm and we have eleven offices throughout Sweden; Skellefteå, Sundsvall, Gällivare, Falun, Stockholm North, Västerås, Linköping, Växjö, Gothenburg and Malmö. Please contact our local advisors if you want to know more about ME or become a member.

The cost of membership

The cost for membership is based on a membership- and a service fee based on the total salary of the companie's active employees in Sweden last year. This is the same principle as for all other employer associations in Sweden”.

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Do you want to become a member of the The association of Heavy Equipment Contractors? 

Fill out our application!

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The association of Heavy Equipment Contractors

Maskinentreprenörerna (ME) - the association of Heavy Equipment Contractors - is the leading trade- and employers association for earth movers and contractors with heavy construction equipment in Sweden.

Ethics policy

The Ethics Policy of the Association of Heavy Equipment Contractors is intended to act as a source of guidance for our member companies and a source of reassurance for clients.


ME’s statutes are the internal regulations that apply to all of our members. ME’s association statutes were adopted at the latest at the ordinary AGM held on 8 May, 2015.